Instructions for users on how to withdraw from their validators within the Pi Pool Liquid Staking Protocol, including prerequisites, steps, and penalties for late withdrawals.

Users who bring their own validator(s) will be responsible for withdrawing from their validator at the end of their Pi Pool duration. As it takes approximately 24 hours to withdraw from a PulseChain validator, users will be provided with a 2-day grace period before any penalties are applied.

Upon successful withdrawal from their validator, the 32,000,000 PLS, along with any accrued rewards, will be returned to the Pi Pool for proper distribution to the user and the liquid stakers. Subsequently, the user's Pi Pool status will be updated from 'Staking' to 'Withdrawable,' allowing them to claim their PLS validator rewards.

Penalties for Late Withdrawals

Users who fail to withdraw within their designated duration and the grace period will incur penalties. Specifically, there will be a reduction (slash) in their staked PPY, which will be subsequently burned.

Rewards Distribution

It is important to note that users will only receive rewards for their selected staking duration. For example, if a user selects a 5-day duration but the validator continues to validate for an additional 10 days (totaling 15 days), the user will only receive rewards for the initial 5-day period.

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