As a Node Operator

How to use Pi Pool as a Node Operator

Creating a Testnet or Mainnet Node

To participate in Pi Staking as a node operator and earn rewards on your staked PPY, you must have a PulseChain node. For instructions on creating a node, refer to the Official PulseChain guides. After obtaining a piNode ID, return to Pi Staking to register as a validator.

How to Make a Pi Pool

A Pi Pool, analogous to RocketPool's Minipool, is a validator funded by PLS contributed from liquid stakers via the deposit pool and PLS contributed by node operators during their registration with Pi Staking.

The following steps demonstrate how to create a Pi Pool on Testnet, which are similar to those on the Mainnet, but with different PLS and PPY requirements.

Step 1: Register a Node Id with Pi Staking

Step 2: Approve and Deposit PPY

Your wallet provider will prompt you to approve and transfer PPY.

Step 3: Stake PLS

Your wallet provider will prompt you to transfer PLS.

Step 4: Pi Pool Created!

After depositing PLS, your Pi Pool is established! Use the transaction hash to view the transaction on your preferred block explorer.

Step 5: View the New Pi Pool on Your Dashboard

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