The Life of Pi Pools

  1. The Pi Pool is created by the node operator.

  2. The Pi Pool is placed in a queue to be paired with liquid staking funds.

  3. The Pi DAO transfers 32,000,000 PLS (16,000,000 PLS from liquid stakers and 16,000,000 PLS from the node operator).

  4. The Pi DAO registers the Pi Pool with PulseChain as a validator for 15 days and stakes the combined 32,000,000 PLS.

  5. At the end of the 15 days, the Pi DAO processes validator rewards.

  6. The liquid staking funds (16,000,000 PLS) and their accrued rewards are then returned to the deposit pool.

  7. If the Pi Pool has more time in its duration, the protocol recreates the Pi Pool for another 15-day cycle. This recreated Pi Pool uses the rewards from the first cycle to compound long-term gains.

  8. The original funds from the deposit pool, as mentioned in step 6, are withdrawn again and pooled together with the equivalent amount from the node operator's funds and their rewards.

  9. Once the full duration of the Pi Pool is completed, the node operator can withdraw their funds and rewards.

Concurrently, a PPY rewards cycle operates throughout this process, providing node operators with rewards on their staked PPY. More details can be found here.

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