PPY Rewards

Every 30 days PPY stakers are eligible for rewards


PPY is Pi Staking's protocol token, used as collateral for the minimum 16,000,000 PLS that node operators borrow from the protocol to launch their validator. In exchange for this collateral, the protocol rewards node operators with PPY rewards, which are generated through built-in protocol inflation. The more PPY staked as insurance, up to a maximum of 150% of the staked PLS's value, the greater the PPY rewards for the node operator.

How Does Monthly Inflation Work?

PPY has a fixed supply of 314,000,000 tokens. At genesis, 215,404,000 PPY were minted. For more information on the distribution of this supply, click here. This means there are 4,500,000 tokens left to be minted, which will be released into the ecosystem through a monthly rewards cycle. Initially, this inflation is set at 5% annually.

What Are the Requirements to Be Eligible?

  • A user's Pi Pool must have been validating for at least 15 days before the end of the rewards cycle.

  • A user must have PPY staked at the time of the rewards calculation.

How Much is Distributed Each Month?

The distribution amount varies over time. A spreadsheet is available here for rough estimates. Users are encouraged to make a copy for their personal calculations.

How is the Monthly Inflation Distributed?

Initially, the distribution of monthly inflation is allocated as follows:

  • 80% to Node Operators

  • 20% to Pi DAO

How are Individual Node Operator's Rewards Calculated?

Generally, it's based on the node operator's effective PPY stake compared to the total effective PPY stake of all eligible node operators for that cycle. The effective PPY stake is the staked PPY up to the 150% collateralization ratio.

However, Pi Staking does have some seed investors operating Pi Pools to bootstrap the protocol. These investors will initially be weighted at a lower amount than typical node operators, with their weight increasing as their PPY vests over time.

A PPY rewards calculator is coming soon.

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