Pi Pool Status

Each Pi Pool is equivalent to a PulseChain validator with a piNode ID.

Pi Pool Status Descriptions

Each Pi Pool has a status field:

Prelaunch (0)

  • Pi Pool is created in Storage.solKey-Value data structure.

  • Node Operator has deposited a minimum 16,000,000 PLS and specified duration and PulseChain piNode ID. Their Pi Pool is collateralized by at least 20% with staked PPY.

  • Can be moved to status Canceled by the Owner of the node after a 5 day waiting period, with all PLS returned.

  • The Pi Pool is now in a queue, awaiting matching with liquid staking funds.

Launched (1)

  • Pi Pool is now locked and cannot be canceled by the owner.

  • Pi DAO withdraws 32,000,000 PLS from the vault to stake it on PulseChain smart contract and register the node as a validator.

Staking (2)

  • Pi Pool is locked for the duration of the validation period.

  • No action occurs until the duration ends and validation is complete.

  • Protocol will Export/Import 32,000,000 PLS plus any rewards back to PiPoolManager.sol.

  • PiPoolManager.sol will handle fund distribution to liquid staking users, PPY slashing, etc., then set status to Withdrawable.

Withdrawable (3)

  • Pi Pool is now available for node operator funds withdrawal. The node operator cannot create a new validation with us for this piNode ID until they have withdrawn all funds.

  • Once withdrawal occurs, the status changes to Finished.

Finished (4)

  • Pi Pool is completed, all funds withdrawn.

  • Node operator can submit another validation request with us for this piNode ID. We will replace all data from the last validation with new data for this validation. A Pi Pool does not have its own id; we always use piNode ID as a primary key.

Canceled (5)

  • If a Pi Pool is canceled, it is set to this status and can be resubmitted.

  • A Pi Pool can only be canceled by the owner after a 5 day waiting period to prevent griefing.

Error (6)

  • Pi Pool failed.

  • The node likely failed to be registered as a validator with PulseChain.

  • The status will move to Finished once the node operator withdraws their funds.

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